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We developed an asset management platform based on gold trading.

Gold Splash aims to be the world's leading investment platform.
Through joint development with the customer, the customer and the company incorporate a profit sharing system. We are looking for GoldSplash members.

GoldSpalsh's business model is the MLM affiliate system.

Our mission is to develop a platform to GoldSplash's customers support millionaires.

GoldSplash has launched a long and wonderful project to achieve the millionaire project.

Stage one: Recruit GoldSplash members.

  • Recruitment of limited 100,000 people
  • Long-term asset management project
  • GoldSplash tickets for profit sharing
  • Gold-100 (100GSP) : /1 day 0.3% profit
  • Gold-300 (300GSP) : /1 day 0.5% profit
  • Gold-500 (500GSP) : /1 day 0.8% profit
  • Gold-1,000 (1,000GSP) : /1 day 1.0% profit
  • Recruiters are provided with a large amount of activity revenue for MLM affiliate.
  • There are 5 types of Bonus.
    1. Affiliate Bonus (Introduction fee)
    2. Daily Bonus (Profit Distribution, Daily, Daily Interest)
    3. GS Affiliate Bonus (Affiliate continuation bonus)
    4. Affiliate Gold Match Bonus (Affiliate Matching Bonus)
    5. GS Affiliate Gold Match Bonus (GS Affiliate Matching Bonus)

* GS affiliate has prepared the rank.

Stage Second: ICO start of cryptographic currency GOLD (phase 1)

  • Limited 500 million pieces 1 GOLD 0.01 USD
  • GOLD Wallet will be released
  • Release long-term funded business platform

Stage three: ICO start of cryptographic currency GOLD (phase 2)

  • Limited 500 million pieces 1GODL 0.02 USD
  • GOLD Online Casino to be released (GOLD available)

Stage four: ICO start of cryptocurrency GOLD (phase 3)

  • Limited 500 million pieces 1 GOLD 0.05 USD
  • We are going to release cryptocurrency exchange (GOLD general market transaction start)
  • It will be listed on three crypto currency exchanges at the same time
  • Original GOLD Game released


Nov-18 Dec-18 Jan-19 Feb-19 Mar-19 Apr-19
38.66% 37.8% 39.04% 35.84% 36.79% 37.92%

of Gold investment

Gold is said to have a strong demand and price increase along with economic growth. On the other hand, the amount of money that has been dug since human history is said to be about 180,000 tons, and in a commonly used example, it is only half of the 50m Olympic pool in Tokyo gymnasium. Such a "rareness" of gold, an everlasting change, a never rusting, a not decaying "unchangeability" may be the root of the value of gold.

As the global economy becomes increasingly uncertain due to the financial market turmoil caused by the decision to leave the EU, the demand for gold as a safe asset without credit risk is increasing.

In addition, gold is said to be effective for hedging inflation and excellent as a means of long-term property protection for the future. Furthermore, it is expected that the risk diversification effect of financial assets is expected by incorporating gold into the portfolio, as it tends to behave differently from financial assets such as stocks and bonds.

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Top 10 Global Gold Holdings (Central Bank)