Business introduction


At Gold Splash, we are developing our business centering on the three points of "Real gold Business," "Real gold Trading Business," and "Real gold Investment Consulting Business. " In addition to expanding our own businesses, we are also focusing on rich of all Customer through real gold.


There is not much good news about the deterioration of the global economy, the fall of crypto currencies, the downturn in stock prices, and the economy.
Asset management and asset management issues are becoming more serious.
Do you have the Gold that has been in it for a long time?
Have you ever made a Gold investment?
We have a team of professionals, who will manage assets on your behalf.


At Gold Splash, we conduct two consulting businesses.
The first is “membership-oriented consulting for investors,” and the second is “gold management consulting for buyers,” which is for customers who bought properties from our company.

Buy & Sell

We have developed a financial business model that integrates a team of finance and operations professionals with a team of systems engineers.
This time we repeated test operation and the summarization system was completed.The trading model is Gold trading..
We have a gold mine owner, a seller and a buyer, and a promising system engineer to build a business model..
Trading is a mechanism that consists only of Gold buying and selling.In addition, we perform stable virtual currency trading for risk hedging.